• Having a small business, I am able to offer shorter communication lines, fairer prices, and tailor made solutions.

  • Sometimes you need to take the right steps to make a big leap.

  • I use modern technology as a tool. There is beauty in that too.

  • First focus, then aim, then shoot.

For you !

I do websites, mobile apps, and I love it. I'm to help you getting your website or app up and running in no time.

Websites, apps.

I do not only create websites that can be used on your mobile, I create apps as well.


I'm here to help you with complex IT problems. I have experience with automating workflows, communication platforms, multi-user reporting, creating apps that connect with an existing IT-infrastructure, implementing GIS data, working with climate control systems and CRM databases.

Technology in the right way

I do not believe that technology decides what should be done. However technology can help you to get further with your business needs. Technology used in the right way, is very powerfull. I will help you to use it in the right way.




Java Spring Boot,


Postgres with GIS,



Are you looking for professional programming expertise?

I have Angular, Java and ColdFusion expertise!

About me

I started YellowCat as a business in 2004. The idea behind YellowCat is to give full package IT service. I think that a good site or app should not be defined by who builds it, but rather by who uses it. So, you decide!

I build sites and apps that are based on technical excellence but at the same time are user-friendly and user-pleasing. To do that, I rely on proficiency in the most modern development techniques, much demonstrated experience, and a commitment to listen and comply to your needs.

YellowCat relies on other design and editing professionals to make sure that your site or app combines top-level technical quality with a visually pleasing and user-friendly design.

Why Choose YellowCat

Being a small business, I am able to offer the shortest communication line you can imagine, fair prices, and tailor made solutions.

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